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Is WhatsApp Business API Good For Small Businesses?

WhatsApp offers immense benefits for small businesses, thanks to its widespread adoption and seamless communication features. It enables direct customer engagement, personalized support, and effortless transactions, all within a familiar messaging platform. WhatsApp, once linked with your Heyo number, has features like multi-user chats, interactive messages, agent transfer, 1000 free credits, automated message templates, calling option and a lot more.

WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) Features on Heyo Phone App

Shared Inbox
Multi-Agent Chat
Interactive Message
Automated Messaging Templates
Agent Transfer
Click To Call From Dashboard
Free Chat Up To 24 Hours
1000 Free Credits

Everyday 1 million+ local business enquiries are made on Heyo. Are You Missing Out?

Why Choose WhatsApp For Small Business?

Smooth Interactions
Heyo WhatsApp Dashboard provides efficient & personalized customer support
24x7 Support
Keep your business active 24/7 with Heyo WhatsApp Dashboard
Quick Replies
Give fast responses to customers through Heyo WhatsApp Dashboard
Increased Engagement
Engage customers & initiate sales with Interactive Messages & Templates
Get More Leads
Generate and boost your business leads with Heyo WhatsApp Dashboard
Affordable Communication
Ensure cost-effective communication with flexible credit recharge

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How To Use Heyo WhatsApp Solutions For Business?

Step 1 :- Tap on Create WhatsApp Business Account from your main Heyo Screen
Step 2:- Login with Facebook to continue with your onboarding process
Step 3:- After successful Login, fill your Business Details & click on Create Whatsapp Business Account
Step 4:- If WhatsApp Business Account creation fails you can tap on Retry to complete the process
Step 5:- Once your WhatsApp Business Account onboarding process is successfully completed, you can start interacting with your customers easily

Heyo Phone Other Features For Business Communication & Growth

Call Recording
All calls are securely recorded & stored on cloud for quality checks and training.
Grow your business and get more leads with WhatsApp Business API integrated with Heyo.
Call Analytics & Tracking
Monitor your team closely with daily call analytics & tracking.
Business Caller Tune
Get professional with customized business caller tunes to greet your customers.
Call Distribution
Manage your calls with easy call distribution methods on Heyo Phone.
Improve GMB Rating
Integrate your GMB profile with Heyo Phone for improved reviews & ratings.
Missed Call Alerts
Stay informed all the time with Heyo Phone missed call alert notifications.
Voice Mail
Never miss a customer interaction with the convenient voicemail feature.
Local Business Phone Number
Choose from a local DID number for your area without any additional SIM.

Who Can Use Heyo Phone?

Professional, small office or agency or a retail outlet.
Business looking to increase their customer enquiries.
Business/ team with less staff to handle multiple calls.
Business owner who is looking for a Single Number for them and their staff.
A service business like a salon, tour operator or health clinic.
Small startups or teams upgrading their customer engagement.
Note: Heyo is strictly for business usage only. Any use of Heyo for personal, scamming, phishing or other vraudulent or non-business usage can lead to your account being blocked.

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Heyo FAQ

Heyo FAQs

Is WhatsApp good for small businesses?

Is WhatsApp for business free?

Yes, WhatsApp Business App is free to download and use for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides advanced messaging solutions and integration capabilities.

How do I create a WhatsApp for my business with HEYO Number?

To create a WhatsApp Business Account with the help of your Heyo Phone Account, simply tap on "Create WhatsApp Business Account" from your main Heyo screen. Next, log in with Facebook to proceed with the onboarding process. After a successful Facebook login, you'll be directed to the WABA Pending screen. Creating the WhatsApp Business Account may take some time. If the WABA creation fails, you can tap on "Retry" to complete the process. Once your WABA onboarding process is successfully completed, you can start interacting with your customers easily.

Which WhatsApp is good for business?

WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses to connect with customers more efficiently. It offers features such as business profiles, messaging tools, and analytics, making it the preferred choice for businesses looking to enhance their customer communication and engagement.

How do I automate WhatsApp messages on Android?

To automate WhatsApp messages on Android, you can use the best third-party app suited for this role, which is the Heyo Phone App. This virtual phone number app allows you to send messages at any specific time. Simply download and install the app from the Google PlayStore, follow the setup instructions, and start chatting with your customers seamlessly with added features such as shared inbox, added agents, interactive messages, agent transfer, 1000 free credits, automated message templates, calling option and a lot more to pick from.