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  • Unlimited minutes

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How Heyo Phone Works

Heyo Plans and Pricing

Heyo Pro plan
₹ 499

₹ 5988

₹ 3000/yr


5 Users


Unlimited Calls

Small business plan
₹ 199

₹ 2388

₹ 1200/yr


2 Users

Unlimited Calls

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Why is Heyo Phone best choice for your business?

1 Number for IVR & WhatsApp
Boost efficiency with 1 number for all your IVR and WhatsApp business communications
Turn your business into a brand
With a professional number, custom caller tune, higher google rating and sharable business card.
10X More Leads
Get more customer enquiries with a professional number and call distribution.
Zero Down-time
Best-in-class call connectivity. Keep your business running with Heyo’s assured 99.8% uptime
Monitor Staff
Monitor and track all of your staff performance with real time call analytics and reports
Increase Google Presence
Boost your rating on your Google my Business profile by linking it with Heyo.

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Heyo Phone Other Features For Business Communication & Growth

Set up and Manage your business calls easily with Heyo IVR system
Grow your business and get more leads with WhatsApp Business API integrated with Heyo.
Call Recording
All calls are securely recorded & stored on cloud for quality checks and training.
Business Caller Tune
Get professional with customized business caller tunes to greet your customers.
Call Analytics & Tracking
Monitor your team closely with daily call analytics & tracking.
Improve GMB Rating
Integrate your GMB profile with Heyo Phone for improved reviews & ratings.
Missed Call Alerts
Stay informed all the time with Heyo Phone missed call alert notifications.
Voice Mail
Never miss a customer interaction with the convenient voicemail feature.
Local Business Phone Number
Choose from a local DID number for your area without any additional SIM.

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Heyo Lagega Toh Business Badhega

Join 1 Lac+ Businesses on Heyo. Get Rs 100 extra off.

Heyo is extremely easy to use and makes calling a breeze. We used to have multiple miss calls and now with the help of call distribution my staff can manage business if I am unavailable. Along with this it has improved the customer experience greatly by making it professional.
Tracklive GPS
I heartily congratulate the entire team of Heyophone for excellent service, a very supportive and dedicated team. Special thanks to our account manager Priyanka ma'am for the better management.
Ranjan kumar
Culture Ayurveda
Heyo is great, It helped us improve our business and look more professional like a brand. I have been using the App for a few weeks now and the experience has been amazing.
Mahabul Alam
Heyo FAQ

Heyo FAQs

What is Heyo Phone?

Can I choose the number of my choice?

No, as we provide fixed DIDs, the option to choose a number will not be available. An available number will be automatically picked and assigned to your account.

How can I activate WhatsApp on Heyo?

To activate WhatsApp on Heyo Phone you need to follow these simple steps:
Step 1:- Tap on ‘Create WhatsApp Business Account’ from your main Heyo Screen.
Step 2:- Login with Facebook to continue with your onboarding process.
Step 3:- After successful Login, fill your Business Details & click on ‘Create Whatsapp Business Account’.
Step 4:- Creating the WhatsApp Business Account will take some time.
Step 5:- If WhatsApp Business Account creation fails you can tap on ‘Retry’ to complete the process.
Step 6:- Once your WhatsApp Business Account onboarding process is successfully completed, you can start interacting with your customers easily.

How to Set up IVR with Heyo Phone?

If you are in the ₹499 plan, you are eligible to use the IVR option on Heyo.
GO to Settings in Heyo App - Call & Staff - Play welcome message & IVR - SETUP IVR.

How many staff members can be added?

The number of staff you can add to your Heyo business phone number depends on the plan you choose.
With the Heyo Lite plan at ₹199/month, you can add 2 users (1 owner and 1 staff) without IVR but with WhatsApp integration. 
The Heyo Pro plan at ₹499/month allows you to add up to 5 users (1 owner and 4 staff) and includes IVR and WhatsApp integration.

How is Heyo WhatsApp different from WhatsApp Business App?

• Heyo Phone’s WhatsApp API is designed specifically for businesses and offers more advanced features compared to the regular WhatsApp Business App. 
Another useful feature is the Multi-Agent Chat, where multiple team members can work together on a single customer conversation.
This helps to give faster responses and better customer support, which is not as easily done with regular WhatsApp Business.
You can see their chat history and metrics to understand how well they’re handling customer inquiries.
You can choose from different types of message templates. Utility for basic messages, Marketing for promotional content, and Service for customer service interactions.

Does Heyo have a refund policy?

We do not have a refund policy and in order to avoid such situations, we provide a 3 days Free Trial Period where the user can learn about Heyo and only take up the subscription when they are completely sure.

How much does WhatsApp API cost on Heyo?

Heyo offers its WhatsApp API integration on two plans:
Heyo Lite Plan: ₹199/month, including 2 users (1 owner, 1 staff), without IVR but with WhatsApp.
Heyo Pro Plan: ₹499/month, including 5 users (1 owner, 4 staff), with IVR and WhatsApp.

Additionally, charges apply for sending messages based on the type of template used:
Utility template: ₹0.308
Marketing template: ₹0.726
Service template: ₹0.29
Each plan includes the first 1000 incoming conversations free per month.

What is the advantage of Heyo WhatsApp?

Here are some advantages of Heyo WhatsApp that sets it apart:
Affordability - Plans start at ₹199/month, making it cost-effective for small businesses.
Multi-user Support - Heyo Lite and Pro plans allow multiple staff members to handle customer interactions.
Automation - Automated message templates help simplify customer communication and marketing efforts.
Quick & Responsive Customer Support - Features like Multi-Agent Chat ensure efficient and timely responses to all customer queries.

Is KYC & GST mandatory to use my Heyo number?

TRAI mandate states that without KYC the users will not be assigned with a new number. The users, however, can still continue to use their Heyo number without adding their GST details.

Can my customers call back on my Heyo number?

Yes, your customers can call back on your Heyo number. Heyo Phone App provides a complete call management solution for your business which includes outgoing and incoming calls with many other important features like Whatsapp, IVR, Call recording, business caller tune and many other important call features. 
Heyo Smart Business Phone Number works as a complete business communication solution.

What is the difference between the ₹199 & ₹499 plan in Heyo?

In ₹199 plan you will be getting the 2 Staff Members only (1 Admin & 1 Staff Member), Whatsapp API, Unlimited Minutes and all the HEYO Phone Features except IVR.

In ₹499 plan you will be getting the IVR, 5 Staff Members only (1 Admin & 4 Staff Member), Whatsapp API, Unlimited Minutes and all the HEYO Phone Features.

IVR and the Staff Members is the biggest difference between 2 plans.

Can I Upgrade from HEYO Lite plan to HEYO Pro Plan?

Yes you can upgrade from lite plan to pro plan at any point of time simply by going to the plan & invoice settings in the Heyo App.

Is GST Mandatory for KYC?

You can complete your KYC with Aadhaar as well to use the Heyo Phone, However, in order to get access to Whatsapp API you should complete your KYC with GST only.