Digital Phone Line for Small Business

One Number for you & staff to connect all Calls & WhatsApp with distribution & recording.

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Do better business with Heyo Phone

Say Heyo To Better Business

Look like a brand with Heyo Phone

Look like a brand

Don’t confuse customers with different numbers. Connect all staff on one Heyo Phone digital number.
Improve follow-ups with Heyo Phone

Improve  follow-ups

Keep business chats in your control. Connect WhatsApp to Heyo Phone and share access with staff.
Never miss a business with Heyo Phone

Never miss a business

Distribute calls to your staff & ensure no calls are missed.
call recordings in Heyo Phone

Enhance your service

Improve your staff performance and pitch by listening to call recordings
Heyo Phone is for every industry

Useful across business types

  • Heyo Phone for Retail & Consumer Goods business
    Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Heyo Phone for E-Commerce & D2C business
    E-Commerce & D2C
  • Heyo Phone for Association & NGOs business
    Association & NGOs
  • Heyo Phone for Restaurant & Food business
    Restaurant & Food
  • Heyo Phone for Manufacturing business
  • Heyo Phone for Real Estate business
    Real Estate
  • Heyo Phone for Automobile business
  • Heyo Phone for Coaching business
  • Heyo Phone for Travel & Hospitality business
  • Heyo Phone for Logistics & Transport business
    Logistics & Transport
  • Heyo Phone for Professional Services business
    Professional Services
  • Heyo Phone for Doctors & Labs business
    Doctors & Labs
Heyo Phone App features

One App for all business Communication

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Single Number

One number to connect you & staff and handle all calls & WhatsApp messages.
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Call recording

Record all calls and analyze customer service by your staff or receptionist.
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Distribute Calls

Distribute Calls & WhatsApp to staff with intelligent call routing.
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WhatsApp Business Integration

Connect with callers on WhatsApp & build engagement for repeat business.
Heyo Phone App for smartphones

Heyo Phone can change the way your staff does customer service.

Download the APP today & be a part of the digital revolution.

Heyo FAQ

Heyo FAQs

Is Heyo Phone a Free App?

Does it need a separate phone or SIM?

You do not need any separate Device or SIM. Heyo Phone works directly from the app on your & staff's current phone. The number provided is a virtual number and can be fully managed via the app.

What do I do with a new phone number?

You get a new phone number which will become your business number and Calls & WhatsApp to you and staff can be done via same. Your staff can also use the Heyo app to make outcalls.

How reliable would be a virtual line?

Our parent company VoiceTree Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been in the business of providing virtual numbers and such call management tools for large businesses for over 10 years. After gaining the trust of 7,000+ businesses we decided to launch Heyo which can provide similar benefits to small businesses.

Can I use my existing number as the business number?

Sadly, no. Heyo provides virtual numbers, unlike sim card. Virtual numbers are directly connected to your & staff apps and hence are more reliable and smart than SIM card numbers.