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Unlimited Calls, Multiple Staff. Starts at ₹199 per month.

  • Get Real Time Call Analytics & Reports

  • Check Individual Staff Performance

  • Daily Call Reports Delivered on WhatsApp

  • Improve your Google Business Rating

What is Call Analytics?

Call Analytics is the collection and analysis of data related to incoming and outgoing calls made from the particular business phone number by you or your staff. These analytics give a solid understanding of call performance, staff response, caller behavior and overall customer satisfaction and staff performance. Heyo Phone App is a popular choice for businesses looking to track their calls. It lets you add team members easily and keeps track of calls with features like call recording, reports & more. You can also see your call history and details. With Heyo Phone, you won't miss any important business calls again.

Heyo Phone Call Tracking & Analytics Features

Individual Staffs Call Logs
Missed Calls Alerts
Call History of Individual User
Call Reports to Whatsapp
Call Recording
Staff Call Rating
Improve Your Google My Business Rating

Everyday 1 million+ local business enquiries are made on Heyo. Are You Missing Out?

Why is the Heyo Smart Number the Best Choice for Your Business?

10X More Leads
Get more customer enquiries with a professional number and call distribution.
Turn your business into a brand
With a professional number, custom caller tune, higher google rating and sharable business card.
No missed calls
Ensure your business never misses a call with automatic call distribution
Zero Down-time
Best-in-class call connectivity. Keep your business running with Heyo’s assured 99.8% uptime
Monitor Staff
Monitor and track all of your staff performance with real time call analytics and reports
Increase Google Presence
Boost your rating on your Google my Business profile by linking it with Heyo.

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How to Access Call Tracking & Analytics With Heyo Phone App?

Step 1 :- After making a call from your Heyo Number, you will automatically receive a WhatsApp message.
Step 2:- The message asks you to subscribe to call analytics and reports.
Step 3:- If you tap on it, you'll get all the reports directly on WhatsApp.
Step 4:- If you're not subscribed, you'll get weekly notifications to subscribe.
Step 5:- Once subscribed, you'll receive daily notifications about call analytics and reports for your staff members.

Heyo Phone Other Features For Business Communication & Growth

Call Recording
All calls are securely recorded & stored on cloud for quality checks and training.
Grow your business and get more leads with WhatsApp Business API integrated with Heyo.
Call Analytics & Tracking
Monitor your team closely with daily call analytics & tracking.
Business Caller Tune
Get professional with customized business caller tunes to greet your customers.
Call Distribution
Manage your calls with easy call distribution methods on Heyo Phone.
Improve GMB Rating
Integrate your GMB profile with Heyo Phone for improved reviews & ratings.
Missed Call Alerts
Stay informed all the time with Heyo Phone missed call alert notifications.
Voice Mail
Never miss a customer interaction with the convenient voicemail feature.
Local Business Phone Number
Choose from a local DID number for your area without any additional SIM.

Who can use Heyo Phone?

Professional, small office or agency or a retail outlet.
Business looking to increase their customer enquiries.
Business/ team with less staff to handle multiple calls.
Business owner who is looking for a Single Number for them and their staff.
A service business like a salon, tour operator or health clinic.
Small startups or teams upgrading their customer engagement.
Note: Heyo is strictly for business usage only. Any use of Heyo for personal, scamming, phishing or other vraudulent or non-business usage can lead to your account being blocked.

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Heyo FAQ

Heyo FAQs

Why Should Businesses Use Call Analytics?

Call Analytics can help businesses with effective Call Analytics Solutions. This feature in any business phone number app helps improve customer service by closely monitoring staff. It further helps to enhance sales performances and check on call quality. Call Analytics is very important to businesses as they identify trends and opportunities.

What is the difference between call quality dashboard and call analytics?

A call quality dashboard mostly focuses on monitoring and analyzing the technical aspects of individual calls in real time or nearly real time. Call analytics on the other hand gives a broader range of data and insights derived from analyzing call data over time. Call analytics aims at improving overall business performance, optimizing operations and elevating their customer experience.

How call analytics works?

Call analytics mainly works by collecting and analyzing data from phone calls to get insights into various segments of business operations, customer and staff interactions and marketing effectiveness.